Centre Wakefield La Pêche

           Where community comes together

The Cooperative

The Co-op serves residents from every area of the Municipality of La Pêche including:

Alcove, Edelweiss, East Aldfield, Farrellton, Lac Des Loups, Lascelles, Masham, Rupert and Wakefield, as well as Farm Point and Chelsea.

Our Vision
To create and maintain a space of culture and recreation that is the centre of the community and serves to welcome and inspire people of all ages.

Our Mission
To provide high quality cultural and recreational programs and events for all in a sustainable and resilient manner.

Join the Co-op

We uphold the values recognized by the International Co-operative Alliance: self-help, self-responsibility,democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.

Formed in 2006, we are the first community centre co-operative in Quebec and as such our Co-op is a trailblazer, innovator and inspiration to others.

Members Only Pages

These pages, accessible only to signed-in members, point to the minutes of Board meetings (2020+,) the annual financial statements, and the Bylaws of the Cooperative. 

More Background

On this page  are documents and examples of initiatives/directions taken over the past few years to rebuild and revitalize the Community Centre

Centre Wakefield La Pêche, 38 Ch Valley, La Pêche, QC, J0X 3G0, 819 459 2025

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