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The real struggles in finding long-term rentals here in La Peche.

Thu, March 18, 2021 10:57 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

With the booming real estate market across the country it is driving locals out from their own communities. Houses are not staying on the market long due to the recent exodus of the city.  With houses selling, tenants are being forced to find new rentals that are scarce and unaffordable.  Kelly and Kasey tell talk about their own struggles here in La Peche.

Country-living communities within the capital region, such as the La Peche area has seen a real spike in the housing market since the pandemic.  These communities housed local artists, musicians and entrepreneurs that made this community a destination.  Now, with these founding residents are getting pushed out.  La Peche area is also cottage country which also plays into the effects of the lack of long-term rental properties.   

Kelly and Kasey talk about the possible affect to their employment, their children, their family unit, possibly their custody and the overall stress of finding a place to live in order to stay in their chosen community.  These hard-working single moms do not qualify for low-income housing, but the increase of housing prices and rentals are becoming out of reach and may be forced into leaving.  


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