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A Pain in the Neck Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Jeanne Ormiston Sun April 24, 1-4:30pm

  • 04/24/2016
  • 13:00 - 16:30
  • Studio

Try out Svaroopa® Yoga's approach to relieving neck discomfort which addresses the source of the problem not just the symptoms.

"You actually create your emotional state with your mind and your body is affected very powerfully - You must clear your mind in order to improve the condition of your body"

Periodic neck stiffness or discomfort is a common ailment which can develop into chronic neck pain. What is less well-known is that neck pain is often the symptom of tensions lower in the spine. Some of these tensions were created by physical stress or work habits but very often, the tension comes from emotional/mental stress.

Please contact me to reserve one of 10 places. The fee is $40, payable on the day of the workshop. My email address is ormiston38@xittel.ca

Come and personally experience the change in your neck after a series of yoga poses to unravel tension along your spine.

Benefit from a short introduction to meditation for quieting the mind, calming the emotions and relaxing the body.

For information on Svaroopa® Yoga and my yoga and meditation background, visit my website at www.wellspringyoga.net

No previous experience with yoga or meditation is necessary. However, if you have any concern or question about your participation, please contact me.

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