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Centre Wakefield La Pêche's Membership Involvement Group

The Centre Wakefield La Pêche is a chartered Quebec cooperative and was founded a little over a decade ago by volunteers and organizations with a vision to create a place where recreation and cultural programs and events could serve La Pêche area residents and beyond. The Centre is not a municipal facility or service and relies on the Membership and its organizational structure and partners to meet membership and community needs and interests. (Visit other parts of this CWLP website to learn more about the Centre.)

The Centre's Boards of Directors have been charged with numerous responsibilities including managing a multi-million dollar facility. In the past, members have had limited involvement in the Centre's operations, policies, and practices. As members of a cooperative, we have an obligation to ensure that the cooperative is thriving and we need to find ways to use our resources to support staff, volunteers, and our Board to achieve the vision and mission for which it was created. To move toward such a goal, some members came together at the end of January 2023 to discuss how we can contribute to the overall health and success of the Centre. We formed what we call, for now, the Membership Involvement Group; also known as MING. We are not a closed group and all members can attend meetings, be informed, and be part of a true cooperative working together for the shared success of the Centre.

Thus far, the group is growing organically and potentially every member of the co-op (there are over 1900) has a voice and responsibility to contribute to this organization. We are supporting good governance, exploring ways the Centre can be both sustainable and stable, and working to keep members engaged and informed.

The Membership page, located on the Centre's website, is now a place to learn more about the Members Involvement Group's initiatives as well as other documents and information relevant to the co-op members. We will post updates, meeting plans, and more on a regular basis. Use this page to review information and/or get involved. For more information or to contribute ideas to the Members Involvement Group, for now,

Karen Bays at

August 2023




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We acknowledge, recognize, and respect that we live, work, learn and play within the traditional unceded, unsurrendered territory of the  Anishinaabe Algonquin People.  


Phone: 819 459 2025


38 ch de la Vallée de Wakefield

Wakefield, Quebec J0X 3G0

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